Membership Fees

The Ardrossan Golf Club offers full year membership at a very competitive price. The Club also offers a Summer Membership, which is available only to players who are a member of another affiliated club.


Here is a summary of the current membership prices.

(Prices correct as at 1st December 2022)

Full Membership (12 Months - From 1st April 2024) $320.00
Full Junior Membership (with handicap) (12 months) $60.00
Full Junior Membership (without handicap) (12 months) $30.00
Summer Membership (1st October 2024 – 31st March 2025) $120.00

Pro-rata pricing may apply to full memberships depending on the time of year you join.


One Golf Login

Members can login to the One Golf System using the link below.
One Golf Login