Hole 9

Par 4
292 Metres
Index 10
Par 4
247 Metres
Index 13

At 267m the ninth hole has been recently lengthed to try and add difficulty to the hole. The hole is reasonably straight with an out of bounds to the right. It is not unusual to see longer hitters bail out and cut their ball on to the tenth fairway.

The second shot varies in length, the shorter hitters are going to be playing medium to long irons but the longer hitters are more likely to be chipping or pitching in from a much shorter distance. There is not much of a challenge to the hole except for the out of bounds. Fortunately this doesn’t come into play much on the second shot.

The scrape would have to be one of the best on the course. It’s not very big but it has many varying slopes and can give many interesting putts.