Hole 4

Par 4
367 Metres
Index 4
Par 4
340 Metres
Index 2

The fourth hole is a long par 4 with a dog leg to the left. The tee shot is played over a rise and down into a gully. The landing zone for shorter hitters is in the bottom of the gully while longer hitters have the pleasure of seeing their balls land either on the other side.

The second shot is quite daunting as many golfers require a long iron or wood to reach the scrape in two. To make things worse the scrape has out of bounds on both the left and right sides. There is also a mound on the left, which is mainly to protect players on the 5th tee but otherwise it only collects bad shots and doesn’t really come into play if you play up the fairway.

The scrape is a medium sized scrape with a tricky east to west slope. Like many scrapes on the course the slope can cause some big breaks on putts.