Hole 2

Par 5
453 Metres
Index 6
Par 5
399 Metres
Index 5

The second hole is one of only 2 par 5′s on the course for the men. The hole measures 453m for the men and 399m for the ladies who benefit from a head start. The drive is uphill, which can affect the distance of the drive making the hole feel slightly longer. There is little danger for the shorter hitter except for the out of bounds fence which is a long way right of the fairway. The big danger is for the longer hitters who have to deal with the fence when it comes in much tighter to the fairway.

The approach is slightly downhill and the scrape slopes from front to back so keeping the ball on the scrape can be a bit of a challenge. Care needs to be taken to avoid the out of bounds fence, which once again comes into play at the back right of the scrape.