Hole 11

Par 4
368 Metres
Index 1
Par 5
366 Metres
Index 6

The eleventh hole is the second hardest hole on the course behind the tenth. The drive is often made frustrating by the electricity pole situated smack in the middle of the fairway some 50-60m from the tee. Many golfers have sliced their second tee shot out of bounds after smacking the electricity pole or wires with a perfect first tee shot. There is a lot of dense trees and shrubs on this hole so hitting the fairway is crucial.

A mound stretching from the front to the right back of the scrape adds a challenge to the second shot, which is often played on a slope from right to left. The scrape is average sized and has a few undulations but mainly slopes in the same direction as the fairway.

Overall the tenth and eleventh are potential round killers. You play these two holes poorly and it’s hard to recover. Play them well and you could be on your way to a really good score.