Hole 10

Par 4
402 Metres
Index 2
Par 5
402 Metres
Index 4

The tenth hole is the longest par 4 on the course for the men measuring 402m. The women play from the same tee block but have the benefit of playing the hole as a par 5. The hole has a slight dog leg to the left with the corner some 230m from the tee. There is thick trees on the left and a couple of large bushes on the right ready to catch wayward drives.

The key to the hole is to get the ball on fairway, however the fairway has a slope from left to right, which can cause second shots to drift towards the out of bounds on the right. Many shorter hitters will take 3 to 4 shots to reach the scrape. Even long hitters sometimes have trouble reaching in two.

The scrape is very small, dome shaped and also very undulating making it one of the most difficult scrapes on the course. 4 is a really good score on this hole even for the low handicap golfers.